How to Create a Website?

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Creating a website is a great way to share your ideas and thoughts with the world. But if you've never done one, it can seem daunting. There's all that http-dot-whatever and and and how do you get pictures and text in there? Well fear not, this article will help you to grasp the intricacies very quickly!


Benefits of 3D Animation and Visualisation

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When you think of 3D animation and visualisation, the first thing that may spring to mind is movies. However, 3D animation and visualisation should also be considered as a powerful tool for your business. Several types of businesses from architects, to manufacturers, to auctioneers to marketing agencies, can benefit from incorporating these techniques into their business strategy. There are several benefits of using 3D Animation and Visualisation for your business. These include:

1. Improving Current Marketing Mediums

A business can improve their marketing media by using 3D techniques in their videos and online display advertising as well as billboard ads. Such techniques can make such content more visually appealing and attractive to potential customers. It can make your brand look superior to your competitors by offering new-age, modern advertising which can enhance the appearance of a product.

2. Saving Costs

When developing a product, you can use 3D Animation and Visualisation techniques to identify any issues with design, before you commit to construction or building the product. By being able to identify any discrepancies in advance of physical construction, you can save yourself a substantial amount of money on labour and materials as well as saving yourself a lot of time. You can make any requested changes in advance of the product build, ensuring that the design sent to build should produce a quality finished product.

3. Client Communication

You need not go back and forth with a client adjusting physical blueprints anytime they wish to make a change to their requested product design. Should you wish to suggest an amendment to your client, you use 3D techniques to render it possible and allow them to quickly decide whether they want this feature to be a part of the finished product. The ability to offer this level of client communication could be an attractive feature to promote to potential customers to capture their business in the initial stages.

4. Government/Authority Backing

If you are an architect or a construction company, you will be aware of the pain of having a building proposal rejected by local authorities due to doubts over its appearance. By using 3D techniques to construct your proposal, you can provide a realistic view of the proposed build’s final appearance. This may help to settle any doubts in the minds of the local authority and result in the project being approved in your favour.

5. Showcasing a New Product

The use of 3D techniques can be used successfully for a new product launch. If you want to create hype or excitement among consumers, and accumulate some pre-orders before you go to build, you can use 3D rendering to demonstrate the effectiveness and features of your product. If you want to enlist the financing of some investors before you commit to the time and cost of a product build, using 3D techniques in your presentation can allow a business to fully showcase the effectiveness of their product. It can create a more engaging presentation which will be more likely to attract pre-orders or investment.
About the author:

Carlo Cretaro is a freelance writer who writes for a number of Irish and UK Companies such as GNet 3D. He is a keen traveller and also works as a social media manager for various companies in the UK and Ireland.

The Simple Yet Catchy Political Ad Campaign for BJP

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India is largest democracy in the world, they say. True! But what is the condition of politics here today? The elections in India are round the corner. The general election will be held in nine phases, the longest election in the country's history. With various serious issues in front of India, this election is supposed to be the key of change in government. As we know, in India’s history, Common Man has always been the USP for political promotions. Every now & then, political parties have aimed common man to get votes. But for ad agencies, it could be quite difficult to get in tune with politics & please common man through their advertising. But not with this latest campaign of BJP has broadcasted. So here is the the simple yet catchy political ad campaign for BJP.

The Android App Development Process

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Android apps are simply small programs that enable the app to perform certain tasks. The development of an app may not be as intricate and detailed as the development of desktop computer software, but the process is very similar. This article assumes that the developer has a client (which will most likely be you).

Planning, pre-production, conceptualization and wire framing
You have to start with conceptualizing and wire framing. You need to fully understand the goals of your app and this is done with planning and market research. A solid idea and a plan of action need to be in place at the very beginning. As the developer understands the goals and requirements of the project, he or she can being work developing.
The functionalities of the program are the next thing to be discussed, in which the developer must figure out the features, specifications, platform and feasibility. The developer will often create a wireframe to help his or her clients get to grips with what they want and need.

The Photography of George Georgiou Show the Clash of Man Versus Modernism

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Most of us consider modernity as something that comes upon us gradually and in doses that arrive and are adopted almost unnoticed and without thought. In many places in the world, though, modernization has been garish and intrusive, erupting in a clash between long standing cultural tradition and the homogenizing effect of globalization.

In the images he has captured, photographer George Georgiou has acted as something of a war correspondent, describing the battle between the past and the encroaching future in Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and Turkey. Through his stark and sometimes disturbing lens we watch as people learn to negotiate the new space they now occupy.


5 Killer Landing Page Design Tips to Maximize Conversion Rate

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Webmasters should always strive to increase the conversion rate of their landing pages, whatever the conversion may mean to them, email sign-up, product purchase, subscription, etc. In order to increase conversion rates webmasters must always test different variations but while testing they should also keep the following 5 elements in mind as they are some of the most important ones for driving conversions:

When there are images that are going to be on their landing pages, these photos must be clear and crisp. They should pertain to the information on the page. The photos will catch the eye of many people visiting the site, and it is important to have the best quality possible. Many people use a professional photographer to assist them in getting the best images for their site.